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reproduce (a recording) on a recorder


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Imported digital video is automatically synchronized with notation as users compose, edit and play back their score, making it easy to write for film and video.
There's a maximum playback speed of 32x (for viewers with really fast eyes) and it can play back in slo-mo, too (for the scanningly challenged).
Users can instantly play back video from the current camera, fast forward or fast reverse, and simultaneously record and play back.
The machine - a tiny slab of brushed magnesium alloy that can be covered by my (admittedly large) palm - is barely larger than the Minidiscs it uses to record and play back music.
The ELSA MPEG accelerator works with any standard DCI-compatible graphics card and can play back video in a window or full screen.
When it's not bouncing radar signals off Venus' surface, the craft turns toward Earth to play back its cartographic measurements and provide engineering data about the state of its health.
Easily isolate/duplicate and play back specific segments of interviews, on a PC or DVD player
Tenders are invited for Supply of led tv , 40 inches , picture resolution 1920 x 1080 , full hd , digital voise filter , viewing angle 176 degree approx , 5 picture mode , 24 p play back / 2 : 2/ , 2 built in sheater, sound out hut / rms/ 24 w , usbl , hdmi 2 / rear/ usb movie play back , usb movie play back format , 2 composite video input , 1 analog audio input , ac 110 v - 240 v , 50 / 60 hz , dimension 896 x 85 x 537 mm 9 kg weight approx as pect ratio 16 : 9 vesa comhatible installation with one year warranty .