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reproduce (a recording) on a recorder


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Imported digital video is automatically synchronized with notation as users compose, edit and play back their score, making it easy to write for film and video.
The Digital Media Recorder (DMR) from MediaPOINTE is designed to help users search material and play back on demand.
Another type of Blu-ray Disc that allows users to both record and play back video images has already been put on the market.
There's a maximum playback speed of 32x (for viewers with really fast eyes) and it can play back in slo-mo, too (for the scanningly challenged).
Users can instantly play back video from the current camera, fast forward or fast reverse, and simultaneously record and play back.
The machine - a tiny slab of brushed magnesium alloy that can be covered by my (admittedly large) palm - is barely larger than the Minidiscs it uses to record and play back music.
The Mako and Mako Plus 32 cards record and play back 16-bit sound or music at up to 44.