play along

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  • verb

Synonyms for play along

cooperate or pretend to cooperate

perform an accompaniment to

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Choose a game and instantly play along, compete against and connect with Facebook friends and other fans watching the game
A handful of cups morphs into a fast-paced challenge when you stack and unstack them with Speed Stacks ($40), far left, from Play Along.
They will let you play along with a special draw held on the new Saturday night lottery gameshow launched on March 28.
To kick-off the birthday festivities, Celebration Foods and the Carvel([R]) brand have teamed up with the Cabbage Patch Kids and Play Along for a special 25th anniversary celebration launching this spring and continuing through fall 2008.
I love the way it's really integrated so that the kids can play along if they want,'' the author says.
An accompanying CD provides the opportunity for students to play along.
If you play along with the Mirror's card in Monday's paper, you could end up quids in.
Andrew and his team have created something unique that truly works for all kinds of GSN viewers -- traditional game show fans and engaged viewers who want to sit forward and play along for real prizes," said Jamie Roberts, Senior Vice President of Programming, GSN, upon making the announcement.
The state's Democratic lawmakers refused to play along with the Republican redistricting effort, and civil-rights organizations protested districts that would disenfranchise minority groups.
Included with the piano are two headphone jacks, MIDI terminals (In/Out) and an AUX IN terminal, allowing an external source, such as a sound module or CD player, to be connected so the performer can play along with a favorite recording artist.
It's a true testament to the strength of the Care Bears brand that it is just as relevant today as it was in the '80s," said Tom Delaney, VP of Marketing, Play Along.
For the past five years, every new Cabbage Patch Kids doll in our line has been introduced on QVC with record-breaking success," said David Gold, VP of marketing, Play Along.
Play Along(R) & (C)2007 Play Along, a division of JAKKS Pacific, Inc.
Some real stars play along, amusingly, but most of it's too desperate to be funny.
These promotions underscore the excitement both KB Toys and Play Along have about the sport.