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Caption: Even after combustion of the polymer matrix, UltraCarb (top) retains its platy structure and provides a stable char, while ATH ash (bottom) has the consistency of cigarette ash.
In the present study, the thermal conductivity of Chinese Jimsar oil shale in three mutually perpendicular directions was obtained by experiments, and its platy structure was quantitatively studied and illustrated.
Growth performance of platy, Xiphophorus maculatus larvae of different treatments after 45 days rearing (mean [+ or -] SE) (n=45 in the initial experiment) Parameters Treatment T1 (frozen white worm) (n=31) Initial weight (g) 0.
The platy gravels showed an oriented, anisotropic clayey fabric with low to high degree of impregnation by oxides.
But because Mars' atmosphere is very cold, the mud on top of the flow would be in direct contact with the air and soon freeze to create the platy crust.
The most likely reason for the drop is that the addition of platy filler to a brittle polymer is causing stress concentration and crack initiation and therefore reducing toughness.
Phyllosilicates, as well as all layered crystal structures, exhibit platy crystallites.
The Platy Bottle weighs 80 per cent less and takes up 20 per cent of the room of a conventional two-litre hard bottle.
Geological mapping at the site had identified iron ore targets with potentially significant platy hematitegoethite mineralisation with a hematite exploration target(1) of 20-28 million tonnes at 55-60% Fe'.
Platy Enterprises, a new form of workplace incivility has emerged.
In 2010, 27 per cent of employees in the Czech Republic used flexitime benefits at work, according to a survey from the website platy.
The platy and tabular crystals of drug were seen entangled with lauric acid crystals show the entrapment of acicular and platy crystals of drug in fatty acid (myristic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid) matrix (Figure.
Of the patients with interstitial disease, all had large amounts of aluminum and magnesium silicates in an unusual platy configuration, ranging from 27,600 to 184,000/g wet weight of lung.
It occurs as thinly disseminated, highly fluorescent, platy yellow crystals to 3 mm.
Robustness) Normal Lepto Platy Mod High kurtic kurtic Skew Skew (df = 6) (df = 5) Levene .