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Synonyms for platter

Synonyms for platter

a large shallow dish used for serving food

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We also tried the vegetarian platter, which had an equally enticing assortment - grilled mashed broccoli, mushroom, grilled paneer (cottage cheese), deep fried baby potatoes and tandoori salad on skewers - all cooked to the connoisseur's delight.
Sandwich platter delivery offers their services in almost the entire area of London.
While Seagate and Western Digital have both pushed ahead with larger hard drives (often thanks to more platters and the use of helium), the actual rate of areal density increase has slowed these last few years.
You have a choice of the Texas, German, Los Amigos and Drifters platter to mention a few.
BIOLOGY: Notice how many different phyla are represented on this platter.
Members can place orders online for in-club pickup in as little as 36 hours, choosing from a selection of party platters and customizable cakes at www.
Featuring mouthwatering tasters like mini venison and pork burgers and shepherds pie, scotch quails egg with black pudding and haggis, and whipped stilton with port and walnuts, the platter is washed down with a flight of three local beers and ales served in 1/3 pint glasses.
With the upcoming holiday season brings a new array of Ingallina's Party Platters and Gift Baskets.
Herring, beetroot rollmop, hummus of the day and a goats cheese and tomato tian served on a big wooden platter with generous amounts of sour bread, gluten free bread and oatcakes which were fabulousit came in at under PS20 for the two of us and we were stuffed.
Following this, enjoy a delicious sharing seafood platter in the restaurant downstairs followed by something sweet with a mouth-watering dessert platter.
Canberra, July 8 (ANI): Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard wants a silver platter given to her by the US President Barack Obama during an official visit.
This newly developed platter takes Seagate to the top of the competition in terms of technology, with rivals Western Digital currently trailing behind with 514 gigabits per square inch density platter hard-drives.
While some customers are quite comfortable cooking, peeling, and deveining shrimp in their home, others prefer the extreme opposite, a cooked shrimp platter ready to go.