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Synonyms for plat

a map showing planned or actual features of an area (streets and building lots etc

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make a plat of


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Ils representent l'essentiel du plat comportant -- ou non -- de la volaille ou du poisson, afin d'eviter les aliments tres forts qui impacteront le climat.
Bella Vista Village, Benton County, Arkansas, as shown on Plat Record "S" at Page 69
Plats Du Jour is thus a special recommendation for California food enthusiasts, in particular, who wish their cookbooks to be full-bodied, luscious 'bigger picture' productions taking into account the origins of superior ingredients and their sometimes-unpredictable availability.
Mais avant de s'installer dans ce pays, Issam dit avoir vecu plus de 12 ans a Marrakech oE il s'etait impregne de la culture du pays, confiant que les plats de Ramadan qu'il prepare se rapprochent aujourd'hui des plats marocains bien plus que des plats jordaniens.
While the plat map for this area was not with the original surveyor plats, the Arredondo Grant was surveyed in 1846 by Henry Washington, a GLO surveyor who was known for his persistence and accuracy.
Once that decision was made, Daddow explained, coordinate geometry was the best choice because it was the only mapping method that could be used successfully to build parcel boundaries and subdivision plats and place them in the Michigan State Plane Coordinate System within the desired accuracy.
This may include land surveying to reference the highway centerline to public land lines, to locate boundaries, for record research, preparation and recording of monument records, preparation of legal descriptions, preparation of Freeway Orders, preparation of various plats and maps including: Statutory Plat of Highways, existing right of way survey plats or maps, centerline plats, corridor protection maps and excess right of way parcel plats.
Sur le plan des traditions culinaires, les familles algeriennes ont l'habitude de celebrer l'evenement en preparant des plats speciaux, a base de pates generalement, et selon les differentes regions du pays.
Pure Cycle owns approximately 930 acres of entitled land in Arapahoe County and for the past several months have been updating and revising the development plan and developing preliminary plats to market and develop the property to area homebuilders.
Suite a la notification par les autorites sanitaires competentes de certains pays de l'Union Europeenne (UE) de la saisie de plats cuisines surgeles de marque [beaucoup moins que]Findus[beaucoup plus grand que] pour fraude de substitution (viande chevaline au lieu de viande bovine), les services competents de l'Office National de Securite Sanitaire des Produits Alimentaires (ONSSA) ont renforce le dispositif de controle des produits alimentaires importes et ont immediatement mene une enquete approfondie sur les importations et commercialisation desdits produits au Maroc.
RE[umlaut]frigE[umlaut]ration : 12 heures RECETTE: Des plats de fE[logical not]tes pour le rE[umlaut]veillon du Nouvel An
One of the new features is called I-Plats, an interactive plats system that allows users to browse subdivision plats.
The detailed GIS database design and application development work will provide tools for -- a) assignment of certified addresses; b) import of CAD-formatted plats and site plans; c) creation of address plats; and d) applications.