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a military unit that is a subdivision of a company

a team of policemen working under the military platoon system

a group of persons who are engaged in a common activity

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And placing himself at the head of the first platoon, with head uncovered and arms crossed, - "March, gentlemen," said he.
He thinks you are the officer in command of the platoon here," she whispered.
How now, old trapper, you have been one of your training, platoon, rank and file soldiers in your day, and have seen forts taken and batteries stormed before this--am I right?
As he pushed toward the trapped platoon, he spotted an enemy machine gun nest behind a termite hill pouring devastating fire onto both of the Bravo Company platoons.
Colonel Roberts faced me across the desk and, holding my eye, told me that 'D' Company, plus two platoons of 'B' Company and thirty Sappers under command, were to have a very important task to carry out when the invasion started.
ISLAMABAD -- Ministry of finance has regretted allocating Rs4 billion to FC for its need of latest weapons that interior ministry has decided to raise the issue with Prime Minister, since 108 FC platoons, fighting terrorism alongside Army, lacked necessary weapons against Taliban as 25 of its platoons were literally devoid of any weapons at all.
We feel it is important to convey our realization that, outside the world of unit status reports and staff work, there are still relevant CBRN missions to be performed and there are CBRN platoons working in combat environments and actually making a difference.
In addition to the three horizontal platoons' efforts, the headquarters platoon and maintenance platoon conducted the daily operations and maintenance operations that were required to keep the company functioning.
After the aircraft was recovered and the unit responsible for the sector where the crash occurred remained at the site to search for the remains of the pilot, the platoons effectively transitioned from wreckage recovery to logistics support operations.
com)-- This year marks the third time that Team UTRS, comprised of employees, friends and family, will run in the Philadelphia Broad Street 10 Miler to raise funds for The Mission Continues—an organization that empowers our nation's veterans to successfully transition back into life at home by redeploying their strengths and skills through community service fellowship programs and service platoons throughout the country.
In April 2003, the company shifted its focus when three platoons were organized into BCTs and given the mission to provide security for the rebuilding of the Iraqi police force.
Under this course of action, one of the platoons could focus on reconnaissance and the other could focus on decontamination.
The Talon is a great asset to use, but often both platoons were outrunning the speed of the Talon and neglecting the effort required on the part of the operator to carry all of his gear and the control case for the Talon.
Though in theory the platoons are capable of conducting a mounted assault, they were designed to provide the base of fire for the battalion as the rifle companies maneuver and assault the objective.