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a military unit that is a subdivision of a company

a team of policemen working under the military platoon system

a group of persons who are engaged in a common activity

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The three-year project, Sweden4Platooning, will see Scania work with DB Schenker, Volvo, the Royal Institute of Technology, RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and the Swedish Transport Administration in multi-brand platoons on public roads.
The vastly experienced German ownerdriver returned to the TP52 class in 2015 joining the 52 SUPER SERIES with a Vrolijk designed successor to his earlier versions of Platoon after a seven year hiatus finishing fourth overall.
Several analyses, based both on simulation studies and experiments, have estimated the energy savings during platoon operations of two or more trucks.
The modified table of organization and equipment for the platoon currently consists of the brigade route clearance package, including a number of vehicles and more than 20 Soldiers.
In April 1944, the 4th Military Police Platoon got an early start on the war when Private First Class Leon B.
This means one platoon leader or convoy commander would actually lead his or her Soldiers rather than a random assortment of whoever was available from each section.
7) By then the Braves had acquired another left-handed-batting outfielder of promise, Tommy Griffith, which allowed Stallings to platoon in both left and right, starting the lefty-swinging Connolly and Griffith against right-handers and the righties Lord and Les Mann against southpaws the rest of the season.
As a platoon leader in 2014, I deployed my dismounted reconnaissance and surveillance platoon to the Center for National Response to prepare for the company Defense CBRN Response Force, U.
However, set up in the right way, it enables fuel savings, which, depending on vehicle type and the length of the convoy, can amount to up to 10% for the whole platoon - bringing with it a reduction in CO2 emissions.
Thanks to traffic prediction and dynamic gap distance, the platoon will be able to adjust to traffic and weather conditions.
Prior to September 2014, our HUMINT and SIGINT Soldiers were in two different platoons: the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Platoon, with All-Source and geospatial intelligence analysts, and the Major Systems Ground Platoon (tactical SIGINT Platoon), with linguists and SIGINT analysts.
This will be used by around 35 members of the CBRN platoon undergoing refresher trainings at Fort Bonifacio.
While the Philadelphia platoon was recently launched in fall 2014, there is still a significant need to raise funds and visibility to the surrounding community and local veterans groups about the organization and its efforts.
An assault platoon is broken down into two sections: 1st section and 2nd section.
15 Platoon was pinned down until one section slipped out to the right and drove in with bayonets fixed to take the buildings from the rear.