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free from physical desire

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The second title, "Concerning Justice," is not the one by which the Republic is quoted, either by Aristotle or generally in antiquity, and, like the other second titles of the Platonic Dialogues, may therefore be assumed to be of later date.
The Apology or Platonic defence of Socrates is divided into three parts:
The above remarks must be understood as applying with any degree of certainty to the Platonic Socrates only.
At Cambridge he assimilated two of the controlling forces of his life, the moderate Puritanism of his college and Platonic idealism.
Most important of all, all these elements are shaped to the purpose of the poem by Spenser's high moral aim, which in turn springs largely from his Platonic idealism.
The sequence may very reasonably be interpreted as an expression of Platonic idealism, though it is sometimes taken in a sense less consistent with Sidney's high reputation.
After all, the philosopher endured this sort of platonic marriage very patiently.
Lecount entirely from the Platonic point of view -- lads in their teens would have found her irresistible -- women only could have hardened their hearts against her, and mercilessly forced their way inward through that fair and smiling surface.
Previously to seeing the Dancing Widows I had little idea that there were any matrimonial relations subsisting in Typee, and I should as soon have thought of a Platonic affection being cultivated between the sexes, as of the solemn connection of man and wife.
He assumes the characteristic Platonic view that all men seek the good, and go wrong through ignorance, not through evil will, and so he naturally regards the state as a community which exists for the sake of the good life.
The book poses a united front against the orthodoxy of Platonic scholarship and invites deep reflection on the meaning of Socratic philosophy and the modern mind.
The primary thesis in the Mysterium cosmographicum is that God created the (Copernican) universe to express the five platonic solids (the cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, and dodecahedron).
My 7-year-old duly tolerated the chaste flirtations between Gwyn and Philip, liked Gwyn's platonic, hyper-sensitive pal Froderick (Del Synnott) the best - despite his dopey haircut - because she could relate to his behavior, and pronounced the film ``so-so or good,'' a pronouncement we'll allow to stand.
And what seemed like a casual reference early on--to the Platonic myth that we're descended from round beings split by lightning and doomed to wander around searching for our other half--turns out to be the theme of the show.
He traces later interpretations within the Hellenistic tradition, including Platonic references within Cicero's On Laws, and explores Platonic epistemology within Thrasyllus and Plutarch, leading to later periods when the epistemological legacy was largely forgotten.