platinum blond

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a blond whose hair is a pale silvery (often artificially colored) blond

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The front cover features an image of Cher that is soft and feminine with platinum blond hair on a pale blue background.
Weller dyed his hair platinum blond to match that of Assange for the play, which was called 'Stainless Steel Rat' while in Sydney, the BBC reported.
American Pie'' cutie Mena Suvari made an adorable hostess in a frilly knee-length purple dress with her new platinum blond 'do and bangs.
Scipione carries the platinum blond hair and the slightly trashy outfits, but this sad-eyed ``chan-toose'' is no ditz.
Jolie is practically unrecognizable in ``Life,'' sporting platinum blond helmet hair that befits her character, a likably self-absorbed television reporter named Lanie Kerrigan.
Her hair was dark, too - a switch from her usual platinum blond.
Platinum blond fiddler Chick Martie Seidel told the audience that Maines' baby, who they just found out is a boy, is ``either gonna have a lot of rhythm or be deaf.
The process will not work on gray, white or platinum blond hair.
Brad sported a new platinum blond hairdo for his interview onUS TV.
Bright-eyed, solidly built, with his hair dyed a vibrant, platinum blond, Hollywood's redneck renaissance man even has the country glam look down to a T: simple but elegant leather jacket, indigo blue jeans, hand-tooled pointy boots and the signature gimme cap, this one courtesy of the Arkansas State Police.
DAVID Beckham has shaved off his platinum blond haircut - after team-mates dubbed him Marilyn after movie legend Monroe.
DAVID Beckham has shaved off his platinum blond hair - because team-mates dubbed him Marilyn.
BLONDS HAVE MORE FUN: Real Madrid striker Robinho makes a grab to try and unveil David Beckham's new platinum blond hair-cut ahead of Goldenballs' schedule