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a heavy precious metallic element

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Canada and Johannesburg, South Africa and is focused on the development of platinum projects, primarily in South Africa.
Best expects Platinum to maintain its level of debt to capital below 30% and to maintain a fixed charge coverage in the mid to upper single digit range.
The grades are measured as 4E only, platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold in the resources and the other PGE's are present, but not included in the grades at this time (7E); and
Best's year-end review of Platinum and its determination that the risk-adjusted capital position of the group has declined more than originally estimated from prior year levels due to the losses recognized from the southeast wind storms in 2004 and the resulting increase to the group's operating leverage.
The JV agreement also provides a mechanism whereby Anglo Platinum may elect to become a "non-contributory participant" to the JV and by doing so would be subject to dilution.
ProcessClaims ClaimsPort adds to Platinum Claims' automation by configuring a solution to suit Platinum Claims' specific business requirements.
Adding to the firm's existing capital base, the fund will help fuel additional growth by Platinum, a global acquisition firm whose holdings include 19 operating companies with more than 32,000 employees and global revenue of $5.
The Bushveld Complex is the world's premier environment for PGM deposits, accounting for 80% of the known resources and 67% of the annual global production of platinum.
Net proceeds from any issuance of these securities may be used by Platinum for general corporate purposes, including working capital, capital expenditures, share repurchase programs and acquisitions.
They spray the platinum electrode with a smattering of gold nanopartieles.
Anglo Platinum, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, announced a 6-percent increase in platinum production in the first six months of the 2006 calendar year to 1.
With rising industrial use colliding with demand from jewelers, the price of platinum jewelry has shot up sharply, just when June brides and their fiances are shopping for rings.
After the acquisition is consummated, TEC and Tandem will liquidate and distribute the Platinum shares to Tandem's shareholders at an exchange rate equal to the exact terms as set forth in the previously announced merger.
Platinum Data Solutions, a provider of collateral risk solutions for the mortgage industry, announced today the launch of its new Web site that includes information on products and services, news and events that are specific to Platinum and educational resources for the mortgage industry.