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Synonyms for plating

a thin coating of metal deposited on a surface

the application of a thin coat of metal (as by electrolysis)

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Ron Bernal, one of the owners of F&H Plating Co.
Tony Kupper, project manager at Plating Resources, says Micro Tuff has also been applied to arc-sprayed nickel-shell (or other metal) tooling, but he has no information on performance results.
Chrome Plating Alternatives, a new study on alternatives to traditional chrome plating and their markets.
In March 2003 we completed the shift to chromium-free plating for our products in Japan, and we are proud to announce the establishment of our first overseas chrome-free steel plating framework in the China plant," said Harushige Sugimoto, Chairman and President of Manufacturing Service Company at Oki Electric.
The Company has selected matte tin (Sn) as its new plating material.
Merger Offers Unmatched Source for Domestic Contract Manufacturing and Chrome Plating in the Automotive and Motorcycle Industry
Founded in 1926, Chromium Corporation provides products and services for bulk material handling and general manufacturing and remains the leader in the field of plating and finishing reciprocating engine components.
21, 1995--Berg Electronics is pleased to announce that the FCC has issued a public notice stating that Berg's 30 micro inches of GXT(TM) ("Better-than-Gold") plating meets the same requirements as the industry's standard 50 micro inch gold plating normally used in the manufacture of standard plugs and jacks.