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a bed without springs

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If one uses a normal lamp next to a platform bed, all she would get is glare, Spicer said.
The first floor includes a master bedroom with a raised platform bed area and an archway leading to the dressing room with fully fitted wardrobes and an ensuite shower room.
The main "studio" room features a platform bed, a lounge area and kitchen.
The Los Angeles-based company combined 100-year-old reclaimed wood from Brazil with new materials to create a variety of case pieces, including a platform bed, a buffet, benches, a desk and dining, console and end tables.
While each room is a visual delight, both Hayes and Law say their favorite room is the master bedroom, which features warm tones, shoji-style screens of woven Japanese ash and a leather platform bed with a moving headboard.
I'm so crazy about them, I've got them as night tables on either side of my platform bed, and Lance ordered me a bigger version to use as a dresser.
Pursuing the feeling of loft living we opted to incorporate a low slung platform bed from the Hibernate range at Silent Night.
A sense of Eastern minimalism prevails, with a stylish monochrome theme and stark furniture - a low Oriental-style platform bed and simple cube shelving.
Rachel's clever solution was to go completely over the top - by building a high, platform bed, clearing some floor space for a desk.
The design consisted of a unique truck platform bed configured to accept a custom made knuckleboom.
The agency will offer Lost Campers' Sierra class vans which feature the amenities that have made campervans so popular -- full-size platform bed, inside storage, side awning, camp kitchen kit, fresh linens, stereo, storage and seating for four passengers.
Tenders are invited for Purchase and immediate delivery of one (1) cng powered tandem axle cab and conventional truck chassis equipped with a 15 ton telescoping crane and 18 foot platform bed.
To strike a balance, she hung copper pendant lamps above matching nightstands, low enough to serve the loungelike platform bed.
Generous closet space and custom-built platform bed.
The Arch platform bed modernizes classic cottage styling without sacrificing an ounce of charm.