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as the hard flattened scales of e


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Libbrecht started his observations with the thinnest, largest platelike snowflakes, which form at around -15[degrees] in high humidity.
The platelike particle with smaller aspect ratio in morphology is most suitable for application in microwave absorption materials, as reported by Kreisel and co-workers (2001).
BASF's portfolio of 11 effect pigments includes iron oxide coated aluminum, platelike iron oxide, coated mica, and multi-layered interference products.
But in the new works the rather nasty-looking foam rubber emerges as an element in its own right-sometimes in the form of platelike planar shapes, sometimes as patterns of little nubs, but most noticeably as freely linear elements.
These soft rubber platelike discs are the 21st century's version of the skipping stone.
7 percent of the granules around midbody lying between the paravertebral stripes, 38 femoral pores combined, 31 subdigital lamellae of the longest toe of the left pes, nine circumorbital scales combined, 20 lateral supraocular granules on the left side, eight supraocular scales combined, 15 mesoptychial scales bordering the gular fold, and large platelike postantebrachial scales (analyses follow Duellman and Zweifel, 1962; Walker, 1981).
The objectives in this article are to investigate the major factors affecting the tensile strength for inorganic platelike particulate reinforced polymer composites, so as to propose a new quantitative description of the tensile strength.
Clay-armored bubbles' form naturally when platelike particles of montmorillonite collect on the outer surface of air bubbles under water.
17,18) Coffin et al (17) identified 3 main histologic patterns in IMT: (1) myxoid, resembling granulation tissue, and often rich in inflammatory cells; (2) compact spindle cells, resembling fibromatosis or fibrous histiocytoma; and (3) a dense collagen in a platelike pattern.
Numerous cytoplasmic particles were observed in cells obtained by bronchoalveolar lavage, and a lung biopsy showed peribronchiolar infiltration of lymphoid cells, foreign-body-rype granulomas, and alveolar macrophages that contained numerous round and elongated platelike particles.
For instance, the sides of a crystal growing in a warmer range of 27-32[degrees]F expand much faster than the top or bottom, causing it to take on a platelike structure.
These values are in agreement with the appearance of the volume, which is respectively seen as rod-like, intermediate and platelike.
It was principally [the] more platelike appearance of the bone that led to what should be a healthier and stronger skeleton," Genant says.
This particle organization is a consequence of the platelike structure of talc and its motion in a viscous medium during the injection-molding process.
Alveolar macrophages had numerous round and elongated platelike particles inside the cytoplasm.