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as the hard flattened scales of e


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Libbrecht started his observations with the thinnest, largest platelike snowflakes, which form at around -15[degrees] in high humidity.
7, 10); frons and clypeus strongly bicompressed, platelike, with hatchetlike appearance (Figs.
A macroscopically homogeneous system of platelike structures can only be obtained as a dilated random hyperplane system.
M-typed hexaferrite exhibits a excellent magnetic property, a relatively high magnetocrystalline anisotropy field and platelike morphology.
Some clay particles are platelike in structure and have internal surface area between the plates.
He noted that gonioapparent materials usually contain flat platelike particles, and show changes in lightness, hue, and/or saturation with changes in illumination and/or viewing angle.
Platelike trabecular architecture was preserved in patients who received hormone therapy.
Conversely, clay particles are flat in shape, with multiple platelike clay particles layered together (Figure 4-1b).
Neukum's team stirred up controversy earlier this year when it interpreted an equatorial region with platelike features as a frozen sea about the size of the North Sea (June issue, page 18).
It occurs when the ligaments that surround the platelike cushions between the vertebrae in the spine begin to weaken.
BASF's portfolio of 11 effect pigments includes iron oxide coated aluminum, platelike iron oxide, coated mica, and multi-layered interference products.
Peds are large but thin, platelike, and arranged in overlapping horizontal layers.
But in the new works the rather nasty-looking foam rubber emerges as an element in its own right-sometimes in the form of platelike planar shapes, sometimes as patterns of little nubs, but most noticeably as freely linear elements.
These soft rubber platelike discs are the 21st century's version of the skipping stone.