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tiny bits of protoplasm found in vertebrate blood

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The US FDA granted a new clearance for US-based diagnostic test developer Verax Biomedical Platelet PGD Test when applied to single units of leukoreduced or non-leukoreduced whole blood derived platelets in plasma, expanding its range of FDA-cleared indications for use, the company said.
Cluster of differentiation (CD) markers' expression of 100 pre-apheresis and 100 platelet apheresis samples was compared after the completion of platelet apheresis procedure.
The objective of this study was to assess the reproducibility of manual platelet estimation when the platelet count was below 100 x [10.
Key Words: Mean platelet count, Diabetes, Cerebrovascular accidents
Only dengue seropositive cases who have been platelet transfused were included in the study.
Major cause of thrombocytopenia in ITP is accelerated platelet destruction and impaired platelet production.
Platelet BioGenesis is a Harvard spin-out that is developing pluripotent stem cell-derived (donor-independent) human platelets to replace the donor-based blood system.
Possible causes of thrombocytopenia may include decreased platelet production or increased platelet consumption.
The groups were evaluated in terms of significant differences in the values of mean platelet volume and platelet distribution width.
In patients treated for hematological malignancies as in this case with AML, fever, infection, and medications are the most common causes of platelet refractoriness.
The increased platelet activity and thrombus formation and thromboembolic diseases are among the major cause of mortality in developed countries.
Platelet function assays have been used to assess platelet inhibitor therapy in several different ways.
OTCBB: ACTC) says a new study shows that its proprietary iPSC Platelet technology is potentially capable of producing large-scale quantities of universal donor platelets for transfusion in almost any patient.
ISLAMABAD -- The US scientists have developed a next-generation platelet bioreactor to generate fully functional human platelets in the lab.
Researchers here recently found a way to create platelets without the need for donated blood, an advance that could possibly erase supply shortages and ensure platelet treatments for all who need them.