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a workman who lays and repairs railroad tracks

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He acquired his nickname from his workmates nearly 50 years ago when he was working as a platelayer on the railways and his colleagues decided he would "make a good judge".
After some months I was given the choice of moving to one of the station ticket offices or joining a platelayers gang.
In addition, there were blacksmiths, railway platelayers, cloggers, servants, wheelwrights, tailors and seamstresses.
The railway company also built platelayers and crossing keepers houses, and these added a new dimension to that end of the village.
Other jobs were platelayers, incline workers and blacksmiths.
Porters, platelayers, signalmen, guards, drivers, wheeltappers, coach builders, drivers, firemen, engineers .
The man in the overcoat and trilby appears to be in charge of the platelayers and has come to inspect their work.