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Synonyms for plate

Synonyms for plate

(baseball) base consisting of a rubber slab where the batter stands

a full-page illustration (usually on slick paper)

dish on which food is served or from which food is eaten

the quantity contained in a plate


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a rigid layer of the Earth's crust that is believed to drift slowly

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the thin under portion of the forequarter

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a main course served on a plate

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the positively charged electrode in a vacuum tube

a flat sheet of metal or glass on which a photographic image can be recorded

structural member consisting of a horizontal beam that provides bearing and anchorage

a shallow receptacle for collection in church

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a metal sheathing of uniform thickness (such as the shield attached to an artillery piece to protect the gunners)

a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth

References in classic literature ?
He found them, when he came into sight of them again, seated with their backs against the shed, plates on knee, and a tin of corned beef and a plateful of biscuits between them.
He had finished that up and handed its gleanings to the kitten and he was falling-to on the second plateful, when the plate broke in his hand
If I had permitted him, I am satisfied that Traddles would have made a perfect savage of himself, and eaten a plateful of raw meat, to express enjoyment of the repast; but I would hear of no such immolation on the altar of friendship, and we had a course of bacon instead; there happening, by good fortune, to be cold bacon in the larder.
The rays fell from a thick green funnel in a plateful of strong light upon a table deep in books.
They have such excellent biscuits here," she said, contemplating a plateful.
Which makes you wonder at the state of the nation, with ladies getting fitter and slapping on body lotion and blokes getting stuck into platefuls of Smash.
HUNGRY Gary Tank Commander fans have been queuing up for platefuls of the soldier's favourite cheesy pasta.
With mountains of colourful cupcakes, trays of mouth-watering macarons, platefuls of churros and stacks of sugar-coated Welsh cakes, along with savouries like crab rolls and vegetable curries, the choices at the Cardiff International Food and Drink Festival can be mindboggling.
Get arty Create colourful platefuls of food together.
But customers needn't worry, they won't get platefuls of dog.
To find out if they are up to being an MP why don't we get them to eat platefuls of camel toes and ostrich bottoms.
The meals were served swiftly and were huge platefuls of food.
Best of all, after demolishing platefuls of breakfast favourites and accompanying beverages, fans can hop straight onto a shuttle from Nezesaussi Grill to the Rugby 7s' venue.
The three platefuls came up one after the other and she took just 11/2 hours to polish the lot off.