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Synonyms for plateful

the quantity contained in a plate


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He found them, when he came into sight of them again, seated with their backs against the shed, plates on knee, and a tin of corned beef and a plateful of biscuits between them.
He had finished that up and handed its gleanings to the kitten and he was falling-to on the second plateful, when the plate broke in his hand
If I had permitted him, I am satisfied that Traddles would have made a perfect savage of himself, and eaten a plateful of raw meat, to express enjoyment of the repast; but I would hear of no such immolation on the altar of friendship, and we had a course of bacon instead; there happening, by good fortune, to be cold bacon in the larder.
The rays fell from a thick green funnel in a plateful of strong light upon a table deep in books.
They have such excellent biscuits here," she said, contemplating a plateful.
From January 26th to 28th, foodies will get to relish plateful of sweet, spicy, savoury, tangy, colorful chaat options from more than 20 cult players all under one roof.
The favourite food for long-distance runners was served up by the plateful in a bid to give 500 competitors an extra boost for the Cleveland Major Half Marathon.
Dozens of women showered a plateful of candies over his body from the rooftops and windows of their homes amid pro-freedom slogans and freedom songs.
Her statement quoted a study as saying that eating a plateful of white rice daily raises the risk of developing diabetes by 11 percent.
Canadian co-op stores are spreading the message that consumers should eat their fruits and veggies with every meal--half a plateful to be exact.
Mel Giedroyc | Mel Giedroyc It's frothy, light-weight stuff that isn't half as entertaining as drooling over a plateful of Mary Berry's scrumptious pastries.
For more InsideCounsel coverage of false advertising, see below: Regulatory: Food industry served with plateful of misbranding class actions Litigation: Product testing and puffery collide in new false advertising suit LegalZoom sues Rocket Lawyer for false advertising, unfair competition
There's a plateful of pace in this heat and no margin for error, but if the August 10 son of Droopys Scolari breaks on terms then the others are playing for places only.
For readers who enjoy a plateful of blood-flee vampires with a side helping of god powers, Kogler has managed to build enough suspense to lure them in and keep them reading.
What I am seeking is a plateful of local cuisine during my brief stopover en route to Australia.