plate tectonic theory

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the branch of geology studying the folding and faulting of the earth's crust

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According to plate tectonic theory, Earth's crust is composed of interlocking, moving oceanic and continental plates.
From the earliest days of plate tectonic theory, geophysicists have realized that the famous San Andreas fault forms the junction between the Pacific tectonic plate and the North American plate.
It is clear to me that a book is needed that can examine and highlight the array of links between large igneous provinces and themes as diverse as plate tectonic theory, sequence stratigraphy, geochronology, extreme paleoenvironmental conditions, and hydrocarbon exploration.
If correct, their model would come to the rescue of plate tectonic theory.
Early on in the development of plate tectonic theory, these regions were proposed to produce "hot spots" such as Hawaii, which somehow remain anchored in the mantle while the lithospheric plates above move horizontally.
Such a collision does not fit neatly within the domain of classical plate tectonic theory, which defines plates as rigid pieces of Earth's outer shell that do not buckle or bend in the middle.
Plate tectonic theory holds that the Earth's surface is divided into a dozen or so large and small plates riding on a soft, plastic layer in the rocky mantle.