plate iron

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Mitchell, of Clarendon Court, Shildon, County Durham, admitted three sample theft charges covering 59 tons of plate iron.
Vyksa Metallurgical Plant continues to build plate iron mill
Next summer, Vyksa Metallurgical Plant plans to commission a new plate iron mill 5000.
He stole more than 80 tons of valuable plate iron, sold it to pay gambling debts, then tried to point the finger of blame at two other innocent employees.
Mitchell pleaded guilty to three example theft charges concerning 27 tons of plate iron each on March 26 and April 24, which were weighed but never arrived at the Yorkshire plant, and 32 tons worth pounds 11,000 on June 27 when he was caught.
a of unit Iron Ore Holdings Plate Iron ore Holdings LP, owns a 30% stake in it already.
2 million tons of plate iron a year, is to be launched in 2011.