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There was even less eastern plate armour to begin with--eastern soldiers used far more mail (it is incorrect to call it 'chain mail') than plates in their armours--and even less has found its way to Europe: it was easier and more profitable to slip a bejewelled, gold-hiked sword into a kitbag than a bulky mail and plate shirt.
Sir Ralph died in 1443 and his alabaster figure shows him wearing a suit of plate armour.
Rosa Mundi also showed people how to dress a man of war, with the plate armour taking 20 minutes to put on and weighing 40kg.
As she stood at the end of the gangway she heard this clank, clank, clank and around the corner came Warren wearing full military plate armour from the 15th century, helmet and weapons, resplendent in his coat of arms," said Taylor.
This war I speak of came after plate armour and longbows of Crey and Agincourt, before little spitting experiment atom bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Adam had been commissioned to craft a 16ft pike, 17th century breast plate armour and helmets.
Their bodkins, or bullet-shaped arrow heads, were carried on shafts three feet long and as thick as a man's thumb, and were able to punch straight through plate armour.