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Inspired by plate armor from Medieval Europe, Croise' contains a heavy influence of plate armor designed to protect its owner and also integrate the art of steel forging -- specialized steel pieces, many with elaborate designs, to individualize and customize the armor.
I designed a car that follows the theme of plate armor, with the idea 'to protect its user.
The highly decorated suit of German plate armor (page 26) probably belonged to Emperor Maximilian II (1527-76).
Plate armor was worn in Europe from the 1400s to 1600s.
A complete suit of plate armor was made up of hundreds of parts.
Although plate armor was not as comfortable as mail, knights adjusted.
Almost all fine-quality plate armor was decorated, especially in the 1500s.
Etching was the most popular form of decoration on plate armor.
Plate armor has individual pieces for the legs, arms, chest and head.