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Henrion, La cause du desir--I'agalma de Platan a Lacan (Paris 1993); S.
Platan said the UAE lies in a region and an environment characterisedAaby political risks like the situation in Iraq, Iran and Israel but remains an attractiveAamarket for FDI thanks to its transparent economic and politicialAapolicy, regulations for encouragement and protection of investment, free transfer of capital and availability of free zones.
Till I espied thee, fair indeed and tall, Under a platan, yet methought, less fair, Less winning soft, less amiably mild, Than that smooth watery image; back I turned.
The platan trees are rustling in the thickening shadows, candles are flickering, monasteries ringing, girls are singing as they walk.
Later, however, TsKB Geofizyka (Moscow, Russia) developed the Platan targeting pod, with all the electro-optical devices integrated, including a second-generation FLIR sensor and a CCD TV camera, coupled with a laser rangefinder and target illuminator.
que el juan aguanta y que el gelman no llora / los platos platan y las sillas sillan / sin tregua los canallas>>
machine 3 htp motor--40 platan length, machine flips from an edge sandar to a horizontal sander.