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the ornamental front of a woman's bodice or shirt

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the front of man's dress shirt

a metal breastplate that was worn under a coat of mail

a large pad worn by a fencer to protect the chest

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(zoology) the part of a turtle's shell forming its underside

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SD: standard deviation, CCL min: minimum curved carapace length, CCL n-t: curved carapace length notch to tip, CCW: curved carapace width, SCL: straight carapace length, SCW: straight carapace width, PL: plastron length, PW: plastron width, HL: head length, HW: head width, TTL: tail total length, PTL: post-cloacal tail length, BCI: body condition index.
Instead, to defend themselves, they exude a foul smelling substance called musk from a series of openings along the bridge of the shell that connects the carapace to the plastron.
Turtles were measured for plastron length (PL) to the nearest mm using a flexible plastic ruler pressed along the midline of the plastron.
1) and sometimes on the rear appendages and tail, but little to none on vertebral and pleural scutes (uppermost parts of carapace), plastron, forelimbs, and head-neck.
2a-c), Longitud de la curva del caparazon = 19 cm, Longitud del plastron = 15.
En la antisepsia del plastron se empleo solucion 1:30 de clorhexidina 2% y embrocado con solucion de yodopovidona 10% (Bennett y Mader, 1996; McArthur y HernandezDivers, 2004).
Elmids are dependent on waters nearly saturated with DO because of their plastron respiration (Brown, 1987).
For a translation of this entire corpus, see Ken-ichi Takashima (with translations up to plastron #259 by Paul L.
Los signos pueden incluir ascitis, plastron omental y carcinomatosis peritoneal (11).
scorpioides has a long tail, concave plastron to facilitate copulation, longer and curve nails, and a highly pigmented head, turning a black color (CARVALHO et al.
Plastron size, a square function, and respiratory requirement, a cube function, interact subject to scaling.
Three wounds are in the carapace and one in the plastron.
The carapace and the plastron of these endangered turtles is dried and powdered and then sold off to Bangladesh and South East Asian countries for use in traditional Chinese medicine.
When the circle (target) was projected onto the plastron ([S.