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any of various small particles in the cytoplasm of the cells of plants and some animals containing pigments or starch or oil or protein

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Elimination of plastids during spermatogenesis and fertilization in the plant kingdom.
The sampling included 223 terminals representing sequences from the plastid rpll6 intron and the trnD-trnY-trnE-trnTregion including the three intergenic spacers, previously published in Nicolas and Plunkett (2009).
A second segment of cointegrated DNA with perfect identity to the rpl23 gene cluster of the corn plastid genome (Rapp et al.
simium, a parasite of New World monkeys, were characterized according to sequence polymorphisms within the nuclear-encoded rRNA genes and the 35-kb plastid genome.
A test of the complementary gene model for the control of biparental plastid inheritance in zonal pelargoniums.
Reticulate evolution in diploid and tetraploid species of Polystachya: Orchidaceae as shown by plastid DNA sequences and low-copy nuclear genes.
Strategies for studying the mechanism of mitochondrial and plastid division during non-sexual reproduction
Similar results were found in Gossypium, as the ITS region is most suitable as a candidate DNA barcode for identification compared to the plastid regions, even between organisms of the same species (Ashfaq, Asif, Anjum, & Zafar, 2013).
Moreover numerous plastid (trnL-F, ndhF, psA-ycf3, rps16, rpl16, atpB-rbcL, psbA-trnH) and nuclear (ITS, ETS) markers were also sequenced for molecular characterization (Yi et al.
Publicly available sequences of four plastid markers were used for universal primer design.
A 2014 case study of multiple grocery rigid plastid recycling programs revealed an average conventional supermarket generates between 80-150 pounds per week of rigid plastic containers within the bakery, deli, seafood and pharmacy departments.
The paraphyly of Osmunda is confirmed by phylogenetic analyses of seven plastid loci.
A chloroplast, which performs photosynthesis, is a type of plastid.
A plastid phylogeny of the cosmopolitan fern family
Marinetti dedicated his 1917 manifesto 'Futurist Dance' to Casati, and she regularly attended and perhaps even collaborated in Fortunato Depero's Balli Plastid (1918).