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a substance added to plastics or other materials to make them more pliable


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A spokesman for the CFS said, "Phthalates, commonly known as plasticisers, are additives widely used in plastic products to soften plastics.
Mix in the required ratio of plasticiser (it will tell you how much to use on the bottle) into a bucket of water and pour "some" water in the well.
The brand passed the examination by Taiwan's Food and Drug Administration following the 2011 plasticiser incident, which was vital for its consumer loyalty.
CRISIL believes that the Lalitha group will maintain its healthy market position in the plasticiser and stabiliser industry over the medium term driven by a reputed customer base and healthy growth prospects in end-user industries.
Upon thermal curing, the plasticiser is essentially absorbed into the PVC resin to produce a high-build, tough, flexible, chemically resistant film that has excellent cohesive strength but minimal adhesion to the substrate.
The petitioners had alleged that young children mouthing toys made with PVCs were exposed to a potentially toxic dose of diisononyl phthalate (DINP), a plasticiser, and toxic doses of lead and cadmium.
2 kg of Rheobuild 3510 (a plasticiser and pumpability enhancer), 5.
ClickPress, Fri Jul 18 2014] Given the boost of consumer health awareness in Taiwan, it was expected that off-trade volume sales for juices would also rise, but that was not the case due to the 2011 plasticiser incident.
Furthermore, the striking incident of the plasticiser contamination scandal in 2011 led.
After that you can give them a rub up with plasticiser, which keeps them nice and supple, and then a polish with Armour All, normally used for cleaning vinyl on cars.
The latter contains about 35 per cent of a liquid plasticiser, usually dioctyl or dinonyl phthalate, which makes the material flexible.
The use of the troublesome plasticiser is banned and a new formula used in PVC products does not pose a health risk.
Careful selection of the vulcanising system, filler, plasticiser and protective agent may enable a rubber to give a satisfactory performance in conditions which ordinarily would be considered beyond its range.