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a worker skilled in applying plaster

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Stephanie Leese became the target of a vicious hate campaign after winning a national Plasterer of the Year award.
The work to be plasterer, plasterer, plafonatore and raised floors relative to the CPI TWO - Emergency Response Center Phase 2 in Mendrisio refer to
If so, working as a plasterer could be the perfect job.
A plasterer by trade, the 52-year-old earned cult status among sports fans at the 1988 Winter Olympics by being the first British athlete since 1929 to compete in the jumping event.
A YOUNG plasterer from Teesside has been selected to represent the UK at an international trade skills competition.
He was a union plasterer with Boston Plasterers Local 534 and owned and operated Jacques Plastering for many years before retiring recently.
A TRAINEE plasterer has won an award aimed at celebrating craftmanship and skill in the trade, while recognising the contribution contractors make to the construction industry.
A smaller professional structure is needed to replace the committee of 20--which includes a plasterer and an engineer.
The plasterer should tape over the hairline cracks to prevent them from coming through the new plaster, but if they miss any, the cracks will reappear.
A FEMALE plasterer is expanding her business - and preparing for her big moment on the nation's TV screens.
IT STARTED out as a way of giving back something to the community - now plucky plasterer Jamie Denyer's charitable acts are about to hit our TV screens.
Mr Marlow, a retired plasterer, had suffered from high blood pressure and strokes making it difficult for him to walk.
The human whiteboard, 21, gets into more scrapes than a 70-year-old plasterer but still never learns.
Kathy Plasterer, who moved to the area in 1967, raised two children in the neighborhood.
This mixture was meticulously hand trowelled onto a carved styrofoam mould by skilled plasterers (the traditional Japanese plasterer's art is known as sakan).