plaster bandage

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bandage consisting of a firm covering (often made of plaster of Paris) that immobilizes broken bones while they heal

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possible deviation 5-10%,sanitary WOOL,WOOL pulp lignin,medical bandage fabric,Calico bandage, 7-9 centimeters wide, with woven edge (24niti of 1m2 ) sterile,Calico bandage width 5-6sm with woven edge (24niti of 1m2) sterile,binds rapidly plaster bandage.
cannulas, cellulose waddling, calico bandage, plaster bandage and NTK).
Contract awarded for plaster bandage 6 x 5 yards covered uniformly porous layers of calcined gypsum to the general san juan de dios hospital
From an undulating wall sculpture's base of chicken wire, plaster bandages, and thinset, to a large outdoor armchair sculpture's base of foam, fiberglass mesh, and concrete, this guide will help to demystify 3-D structures for aspiring sculptors and mosaic artists.
Following the application of the Body Double, two layers of medical grade plaster bandages were applied to the Body Double.