plasmid DNA

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a small cellular inclusion consisting of a ring of DNA that is not in a chromosome but is capable of autonomous replication

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To compare and evaluate the sensitivity of the nested PCR primers, a serial dilution of the plasmid DNA of D.
This quality testing level is exclusively based on molecular biology techniques such as DNA agarose gel electrophoresis, restriction digestion and analysis [19- 20] of the plasmid restriction profile along with plasmid DNA sequencing [21].
When PCR was done for plasmid DNA alone, it detected 30 per cent ESBL positive isolates using TEM primer and 38 per cent using SHV primer, whereas PCR with both plasmid and chromosomal DNA showed 56 per cent positivity for TEM and 60 per cent positivity for SHV.
The putative plasmid DNA was sent for sequencing to the 1st BASE Company (Shah Alam, Malaysia).
The washers (representing plasmid DNA molecules), twine (representing the bacterial chromosome of E.
But the employment of cationic liposomes for plasmid DNA delivery for cystic fibrosis was not successful due to inflammatory reactions and subsequent inactivation of the transgene.
Wyeth successfully completed the first contract by developing and manufacturing novel adjuvant-enhanced plasmid DNA (pDNA) and peptide-based vaccines.
ars Genes were observed in chromosomal extracts of all but three strains tested and 10 plasmid DNA extracts.
The system sensitivity was demonstrated by its ability to detect a single copy of plasmid DNA.
The first candidate is a plasmid DNA vaccine encoding flail-length p55 gag (no poll that is delivered in saline intramuscularly with or without adjuvant-alum or a "CRL1005" polymer.
A variety of genetic vectors, including plasmid DNA, adenoviruses, and antisense oligonucleotides, will be studied and combined with the FeRx MTC technology.
Brinkmann Instruments released its PerfectPrep 384 reagent system for purifying plasmid DNA .
Utilizing a specific streptomycin resistant plasmid gene, resistance is conferred to a streptomycin-sensitive bacterial strain via plasmid DNA photorepair subsequent to fractionization of C.
The plasmid DNA was then electroporated into competent Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells.
At the February meeting in Bethesda, for example, Clegg detailed efforts to encapsulate plasmid DNA in microscopic spheres of a biopolymer called PLG.