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a thin membrane (a double layer of lipids) enclosing the cytoplasm of a cell

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Testing was consummated for quality characteristics of post-thawed spermatozoa such as motility, viability and plasma membrane integrity.
In these studies epithelial cells of these organs were characterized by highly folded apical and basolateral plasma membranes associated with many mitochondria.
Proteomic screening of salt-stress-induced changes in plasma membranes of Syncchocystis sp.
Two water-specific aquaporins at the apical and basal plasma membranes of insect epithelia: molecular basis for water recycling through the cryptonephric rectal complex of lepidopteran larvae.
Subcellular localization of Photofrin determines the death phenotype of human epidermoid carcinoma A431 cells triggered by photodynamic therapy: when plasma membranes are the main targets.
During the perforation of cellular membranes induced by some carcinogenic and noncarcinogenic substances and influences, the total charge of plasma membranes changes, and the cells acquire the capability of closely approaching (adhesion), which frequently, especially upon coincidence of the perforated parts, may serve as a prerequisite to fusion process.
Sperm motility (%; visually) plasma membrane integrity (%;supravital hypo-osmotic swelling test) viability (%;dual staining technique using Trypan blue and Giemsa stains) and DNA integrity (%;acridine orange test) was assessed at 0 2 and 4 hour post-thaw.
mGluRs indirectly activate ion channels on the plasma membrane through a signaling cascade that involves G proteins.
1997) reported that sperm lose cholesterol from the plasma membranes after the cells have been cryopreserved.
In the intestinal epithelial cells, ion transport across the basolateral plasma membranes plays an essential role in the transepithelial sodium movement and in the control of the intracellular environment.
Ultrastructurally, all of the apoptotic cells showed continuous plasma membranes, apparent aggregation of nuclear chromatin, highly condensed cytoplasm, and nearly intact organelles (Figure 2f).
These observations are in agreement with the finding of Perdomo and Burris (1998) who reported that LB were more aligned along the plasma membranes in radicle meristem cells of maize seed harvested at MC > 400 g [H.
Over the past decade, he and his co-workers also have observed that the plasma membranes surrounding the cells of soybean plants contain stress-sensitive proteins very similar to those in the membranes enclosing insect nerves.
To study the enzyme, Holden isolates it from the plasma membranes of root cells of tomato plants grown with insufficient iron.
The chemical and physical effects of these reagents/processes may cause extensive cryodamage to plasma membranes with resultant changes in their normal functions (Keel and Webster, 1993).
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