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the flat ciliated free-swimming larva of hydrozoan coelenterates

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That said, planula larvae themselves are short-lived in A.
Las planulas liberadas son capaces de asentarse enseguida que son liberadas y pueden colonizar areas cercanas a las de los progenitores.
Obelia species exhibit a typical leptolid life cycle consisting of a sessile colonial vegetative hydroid stage, a free-living sexual medusa stage, and a planula larval stage.
Most corals are colonial, starting from a fertilized egg, that develops into a free-living and free-swimming planula.
The fourth dispersal strategy (aplanic, Levin and Bridges 1995) is very short-range dispersal, such as that of the octocoral Alcyonium siderium, which has a crawling benthic planula larva (Sebens 1983).
Night irradiance and synchronization of lunar release of planula larvae in the reef coral Pocillopora damieornis.
pistillata is a hermaphroditic brooder, which releases sperm and internally fertilized planula over the summer months (Rinkevich and Loya 1979a, b, Loya 1983).
The life histories of scleractinian corals typically have been considered to involve both the widespread dispersal of genetically diverse cohorts of sexually produced planula larvae and the localized proliferation, via fragmentation, of potentially immortal clones (Williams 1975; Rosen 1981).
astreoides planula larvae significantly increased, relative to uninoculated culture medium (MB) controls (P = 0.
It was suggested that detection of suitable substrate by cnidarian planula could be controlled by cues associated with coralline algae (Sebens 1983, Morse 1991).
An estimation of the power of the seven loci to differentiate unique genotypes was done in two ways, both based on genotypic data from the CI population in which each colony was assumed to be the result of settlement of sexually produced planula larvae and therefore genetically unique.
in the embryo or in the planula larva, neither of which were used as a source of RNA here), or that they are expressed by stressed or wounded animals but not in healthy polyps, or even that alternative primer pairs would prove successful in initiating the PCR.
The planula larva of Pocillopora damicomis: lunar periodicity of swarming and substratum selection behavior.
An update on modes and timing of gamete and planula release in Hawaiian scleractinian corals with implications for conservation and management.