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the act of fixing firmly in place

a collection of plants (trees or shrubs or flowers) in a particular area

putting seeds or young plants in the ground to grow

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As for their coming again, that was the remotest thing from their thoughts that could be imagined; when, behold, after two-and-twenty days' absence, one of the Englishmen being abroad upon his planting work, sees three strange men coming towards him at a distance, with guns upon their shoulders.
First look out for worms, and supply vacancies by planting anew.
A nurseryman took my advice and came to settle in the place, and I preached wholesome doctrine to the poor concerning the planting of fruit trees, in order that some day they should obtain a monopoly of the sale of fruit in Grenoble.
In present study, the wheat lines performed similarly under normal and late plantings for 1000-grain weight and no decline was noted due to late planting.
Other boxes discuss such topics as: Australia's biodiversity decline, enhancement plantings, seed collection, what a weed is, paddock tree decline, breeding birds in plantings, and more.
Sunlight, and the lack of it, creates distinct microclimates that can be enhanced through appropriately placed plantings and additions to your landscape.
Improvements will include new fencing, plantings, water features, play equipment, benches and sitting areas, lighting, pavement and curbing, drainage and infrastructure.
The support was tremendous, ranging from individuals who opened their homes to national governments who organized mass tree plantings.
Despite this, California DFG aggressively monitors trout plantings, the most common cause of the spread of the disease.
An asset to your yard and community, proper tree, shrub and grass plantings can protect your home from the ravaging onslaught of winter wind and snow, as well as summer's baking heat and urban noise, while reducing your utility bills by as much as 50 percent, says the U.
Specifically, we evaluated the performance of MG III and IV cultivars in comparison with MG V and VI cultivars in April, May, and June plantings to determine (i) the optimal planting date for MG IV and (ii) the yield variability associated with each system (risk of production).
Not only are Valley parkway treescapes unremarkable; distinguished front-yard plantings are also rare.
As well as the plantings, AMERICAN FORESTS will provide approximately 700 city schools in 15 counties with its CITYgreen software and environmental lesson plans.