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Synonyms for plantigrade

an animal that walks with the entire sole of the foot touching the ground as e

(of mammals) walking on the whole sole of the foot (as rabbits, raccoons, bears, and humans do)

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The goal of treatment is to reduce or eliminate these deformities so that patient has a functional, pain free, plantigrade foot with good mobility without calluses and does not need to wear modified shoes.
An Achilles tenotomy, or if required a posterior release (Achilles tenotomy, capsule and ligament release), results in a plantigrade, mobile foot that prevents point loading and pressure sores.
The original diagnosis was revised by Haubold (1971), who described this ichnite as an ectaxonic track, asymmetric, from semiplantigrade to plantigrade.
to obtain a plantigrade weight-bearing foot that is able to wear a shoe and avoid excess pressure on the skin, which might lead to ulceration.
Our ability to walk economically may largely be the result of our plantigrade (heel first) posture," said Carrier.
torquatus exhibited plantigrade posture during all stance phase and footfall, digitigrady was used only at the end of the stance.
Raccoon hindfeet are plantigrade, similar to a human's.
At support up to 45 percent of body weight, joint angular displacement profiles improved toward normal and were accompanied by an increase in plantigrade weight acceptance [6].
rufescens were induced to metamorphose in the presence of concentrations of emetine or anisomycin sufficient to block protein synthesis, settlement and plantigrade attachment still occurred, indicating that these premetamorphic processes do not require de novo protein synthesis (Fenteany and Morse, 1993).
The next sound we hear is that of stampeding plantigrade feet.
5) The treatment carried out to achieve a functional, pain free, plantigrade foot with good mobility of joints without any calluses.
The manus and pes are of approximately equal size (especially in widths), generally plantigrade and may be overstepped.
Numbers of larvae and primary plantigrade of the mussel Mytilus edulis in the western Dutch Wadden Sea.
Treatment of idiopathic clubfoot is directed towards producing a functional, painless, plantigrade foot, with good motion and without the need for shoe modification.
Trophic ulcers are due to a stiff plantigrade foot or a neglected injury in an insensate foot; treatment often requires rotating a flap to reconstitute normal skin and fat pad as well as removing the bony prominence under the ulcer.