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Synonyms for planted

(used especially of ideas or principles) deeply rooted

set in the soil for growth


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The researchers collected seeds from these crosses and planted them in the woods in either sun or shade.
6 million acres were planted on land whose owners range from moms and pops with only a few acres to the U.
Dennis Schlott, Vice President of Sales and Product Management for Landec Ag, said, "Our customers who planted Intellicoat coated hybrids are telling us they are very satisfied with the product's performance.
And in the 1960s Lady Bird Johnson headed the Committee for a More Beautiful Capital, which planted thousands of trees in the District with an eye toward encouraging tree planting nationwide.
So he planted the insect-eaters in a moist, sunny area in his backyard so he could watch them pig (uh, bug) out.
For some farmers that means the difference between getting everything planted on time or suffering yield loss from late planting.
In each, they planted adjacent patches of transgenic and traditional versions of several crops: rape, maize, beets, and potatoes.
Spring brought a flurry of tree-planting activities for AMERICAN FORESTS' partners, as communities planted trees in global ReLeaf Forests and state launched Millennium Groves.
It just grew like gangbusters,'' said Brenzel, who planted seedlings in containers last May.
This committee categorizes as weeds many prized and commercially popular garden staples--from European buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica), a Eurasian immigrant planted as specimen trees or dense hedges, to butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii), a shrub promoted for its fragrant, bright-colored flowers.
Planted last fall on some of the poorest sand soils in Florida, nothing about this fledgling forest southwest of Tallahassee hints at its significance.
It's here in the Nuccio Altadena growing grounds that thousands of camellia seeds are planted each year.
Within hours 600 trees were planted to begin the conversion of a grassy, sloping riverbank into a 100-foot-wide streamside forest buffer.
Working with Hunt and Kasperbauer, he then planted tomatoes in red- or black-mulched rows in the sterilized plots and inoculated half of the plants in each mulch with up to 100,000 nematode eggs.