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I wish there were any likelihood of my soon seeing Primrose, Periwinkle, Dandelion, Sweet Fern, Clover Plantain, Huckleberry, Milkweed, Cowslip, Buttercup, Blue Eye, and Squash Blossom again.
The key is down by the front door under a plantain leaf
On the morning after her arrival, the ship was surrounded by canoes and pirogues, filled with the islanders of both sexes, bringing off supplies of fruits and vegetables, bananas, plantains, watermelons, yams, cabbages and taro.
Yesterday Number Five desired some plantains that I had given to Number Seven.
Bananas and plantains will ripen over our heads--avocados and custard apples, also.
Table 2: Production of plantain within the Regions of Ghana (`000 Mt)
One of the most common and plentiful of urban wild vegetables is a weed known as common plantain (Plantago major), which can grow from almost any patch of dirt.
But as always there's a catch - the dishes must include the Caribbean staple fruit plantain.
PLANTAIN and broccoli fibre could help prevent relapses of Crohn's disease, a study worked on by a Liverpool professor has found.
The research found that soluble fibre from plantain and broccoli
London, Aug 26 (ANI): Plantain and broccoli fibre could help prevent relapses of Crohn's disease, a new study suggests.
Herbal practitioners can help with most of these problems and herbs such as plantain tincture can help.
Fry each plantain slice for about 4 minutes on each side until golden-brown.
Initially, he employed the technique for the plantain crop two years ago.
If you didn't want to follow your doctor's suggestion, then an alternative would be to try a poultice using plantain.