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a plant pathogen that is a virus consisting of a single strand of RNA

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VIRCA is a humanitarian effort to develop and deliver farmer-preferred cassava varieties enhanced to resist serious plant virus diseases that are greatly reducing crop yield and increasing the threat of poverty and famine.
The biotypes differs in various aspects of biotic and abiotic factors including ability to induce phototoxic disorders, plant virus transmission capability, host specialization, resistance to insecticides, geographic distribution range, degree of fecundity, host range etc.
Pennsylvania can be proud of the fact that we were able to eradicate a plant virus - an unprecedented achievement.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists succeeded in growing empty particles derived from a plant virus and to make them carry useful chemicals directly to the diseased cells.
Several of the remaining 15 chapters review the latest findings regarding how effectors manipulate plant immunity, the role of stomata in plant innate immunity, novel antimicrobial peptides for plant protection, and plant virus capsids as biotemplates for nanomaterials.
Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), a positive sense RNA plant virus with a tripartite genome, is the type member of the genus Cucumovirus.
Plant Bioscience Limited (Norwich, United Kingdom) has patented DNA constructs comprising a promoter operably linked to DNA which can be transcribed in a plant cell to an RNA transcript, wherein the RNA transcript comprises plant virus sequence from an RNA virus which confers on the RNA transcript the ability to replicate in the cytoplasm of the plant cell, wherein the transcript lacks all or part of the viral genome not required for replication in the cytoplasm, and further comprises at least one targeting sequence which is foreign to the plant virus sequence and causes post-transcriptional gene silencing of one or more target genes.
When it comes to controlling one of the world's most troublesome insect pests--and the deadly plant virus it spreads--University of Florida (UF) researchers say pesticides are out and new environmentally friendly control methods are in.
One issue being addressed is the possible hazards of using DNA from a plant virus to improve the performance of GM plants.
PGPR and fermented plant extract are very suitable to promote plant growth and mange plant virus disease, because they can be used as seed and seedling treatment or mixed with soil during seedling transplanting.
In a similar type of study in 2009, it was found that plant virus replication and spread require specific interactions between the obligate organism, the virus and its host.
The new vaccine against it was "manufactured" using an engineered plant virus.
Mutant clouds and bottleneck events in plant virus evolution
The Potyviridae is the largest of the plant virus families currently recognized.