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Halofuginone is a small molecule derivative of a natural plant substance.
Nonmedicinal plant substances such as laxative cellulose and pectin fiber.
Photosynthetic pigments are plant substances that absorb and reflect particular wavelengths of visible light, making them appear in color in the reflected wave ranges.
Nilufar Mamadalieva from the Institute of Plant Substances Chemistry in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, one of the 2014 winners in chemistry.
The DISCO partners, which include 15 organisations from seven countries, aim to capitalise on their experience in metabolic engineering, hyper-production of high-value plant substances, and in bringing technology to the market.
1 Scientists have identified more than 150 phytochemicals in cranberries, the beneficial plant substances that protect your cells.
In essence, the human brain has "evolved receptor systems for plant substances, such as the opioid receptor system, not available by the mammalian body itself.
They are rich in vitamins, valuable minerals and secondary plant substances and highly effective super foods such as spirulina, fresh wheat or barley grass, herbs and aloe vera.
Most of these were synthetic chemicals, but Jonathan Hartwell, who was involved in the project, had experience with natural products and thought that plant substances deserved more attention.
It belongs to a group of plant substances called flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals that can damage your cells.
The extracted plant substances were kept in container cover with aluminum foils under temperature at 4[degrees]C.
Many plant substances when exposed to UV or visible light exhibit phototoxicity and are referred to as phototoxins or photosensitizers (18).
Scientists at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio report that certain plant substances, which occur naturally in grapes, berries, walnuts and a number of other plant-based foods, were tested on mice.
Because many galls concentrate plant substances, especially tannin, they have proved very useful to people.