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Some plant material is not affected by the increased measures either because stringent testing already applies or, as is the case with seeds, Xylella is not known to be transmitted through them.
Like many growers in the Pacific Northwest, he was forced to seek clean plant material out of state and went to California.
Some of the embedded plant material came from the cyprus-like conifer trees that lived at the time.
The plant material saved could be redirected in producing seed or forage," Hardy suggests.
Nationally, TriNet targets colleges, universities, Fortune 500 companies and governmental entities selling cable/wire and outside plant material like Raychem and PSI Telcom -- with smaller data network sales for companies in need of computer to computer hardware.
upon delivery, all plant material is subject to inspection and final acceptance by the township~s representative on the project and the project landscape architect.
Given the above, doubts on the water demand of acai seedlings according to the origin of the plant material (lowland or upland) have raised the hypothesis that materials adapted to upland conditions would be less demanding in water during the formation of seedlings, compared with materials native to lowlands.
Two Greek nationals, found guilty of importing and possessing close to 20 kilos of green dry cannabis plant material with intent to supply are set to be sentenced on January 19 at Larnaca Famagusta criminal court.
The fresh plant material (the aerial plant parts, leaves, caulis and florescence) of N.
On the palette surface, apply paint to the side of the plant material with the most texture (underside of leaf, for example).
The BPI issued a Plant Material Certificate to the mother plant garden located at the NestlAaAaAeA@ Coffee Plantlet Production and Training Cent (NCPPTC) during a recent visit for complying with the standards set by the government regarding planting materials.
Patent 8,492,444 (July 23, 2013), "Biogenic Silica from Silica-Containing Plant Material such as Rice Hulls," Neal A.
SCN eggs, second stage juvenile and soybean plants inoculated with 1000 eggs were treated with extract of each of the plant material at concentrations of 120 ug/mL and 12 ug/mL.
Organic soil comes mostly from dead bacteria, not plants, say researchers: Researchers from several major European universities have issued a report that appears to refute the thesis that organic components of the soil comprise mostly decomposed plant material which is directly converted to humic substances.
However, the flip side of this is that they do so as a by-product of a process which allows them to utilise plant material that we cannot.