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The plant genus Rhodiola is predominantly Asian, but three species are native to North America: Rhodiola integrifolia, Rhodiola rosea, and Rhodiola rhodantha.
Oxalis is a plant genus that includes some truly ornamental types among its species.
And surprisingly, the plant genus Solanum, which gives us such favorites as the potato and tomato, is also the source of many nuisance weeds.
Forrest also added to the established plant genus of Roscoea,named after the great Liverpool polymath and amateur botanist William Roscoe.
Wright from the University of Bradford, West Yorkshire (UK), is dedicated to Artemisia, a plant genus which has received great attention since the discovery of the anti-malarial drug artemisinin from Artemisia annua.
For centuries, humans have used preparations of the plant genus Ligusticum as medicines, says Sigstedt, a graduate student at Harvard University.
Efficacy as well as toxicity can vary significantly between species of the same plant genus.
A promotion between Nintendo of America and Syngenta Seed's flower brand, S&G Flowers/USA, the five-petaled "Pikmin Flower," a member of plant genus Sutera, will be available to gardeners, video game enthusiasts and consumers alike in April 2002.
borrichiae actually consists of distinct host-associated populations at the level of the plant genus (Rossi & Stiling 1998; Stiling & Rossi 1998; Rossi et al.
A few days later north of the service town Coonabarabran, we happened upon the remarkable thaumastocorid species, Baclozygum brachypterum Slater, finding it on the enigmatic Australian plant genus Xanthorrhoea (= grass trees), the first host record for the species.
What is the best-known member of the plant genus pelargonium?
Quite a lot when a plant genus makes the jump from culinary to ornamental.
Grevillea is a plant genus native to Australia with several species that bloom in pink, red or scarlet during the winter.
When all plant taxa are included, more than one-half of the specialists are associated with a particular plant family, and fewer than one-quarter are associated with a particular plant genus.
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