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Which fruit of the plant genus Cassia is used as a natural laxative?
The authors cover the fundamentals of disease diagnosis and management before listing the general types of diseases and host plant genus classifications.
Pameridea (Hemiptera: Miridae): predaceous bugs specific to the highly viscid plant genus Roridula.
Pointsettia is part of the plant genus Euphorbia, many of which are indeed poisonous--but pointsettia isn't one of them.
Thus, if summer phlox, roses or any other plant genus is chosen that is resistant to mildewing, the disease will not be able to develop.
The monotypic Lepturidium is the only plant genus endemic to "Isla de la Juventud" in Cuba.
The plant genus Rhodiola is predominantly Asian, but three species are native to North America: Rhodiola integrifolia, Rhodiola rosea, and Rhodiola rhodantha.
1962): (1) monophagous: colonize a plant genus; (2) oligophagous: colonize up to five plant genus and belong to no more than 20 plant families; (3) polyphagous: colonize more than 5 plant genus and belong to more than 20 families.
Oxalis is a plant genus that includes some truly ornamental types among its species.
And surprisingly, the plant genus Solanum, which gives us such favorites as the potato and tomato, is also the source of many nuisance weeds.
Forrest also added to the established plant genus of Roscoea,named after the great Liverpool polymath and amateur botanist William Roscoe.
Wright from the University of Bradford, West Yorkshire (UK), is dedicated to Artemisia, a plant genus which has received great attention since the discovery of the anti-malarial drug artemisinin from Artemisia annua.
Usually, the plant genus can be determined from the leaves.
Genetic differentiation, species relationships, and the evolution of mating systems in the plant genus Limnanthes, section Inflexae.
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