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Professor Jonathan Rhodes, from the university school of clinical sciences in Liverpool, said: "It shows soluble plant fibre is able to stop bacteria from finding its way through the lining of the intestine.
Soluble plant fibre is the kind which comes out of vegetables when they are
Iogen uses a steam explosion process to increase the surface areas of the plant fibre to enzymes, which improves ethanol yields, efficiency, and reduces cost.
In addition, the solid board enriched with tomato plant fibres was announced a winner of the Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards 2016.
The unique solid board enriched with tomato plant fibres, produced by Solidus Solutions, emerged as the clear winner at the Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards 2016.
Most natural flooring is eco-friendly too, made from easy-to-replenish plant fibres grown in Asia, South America and other far-flung places - although you have to consider 'flooring miles' for it to reach the UK.
7-millimetre-long plant fibres twisted together to form a string, near some stone artefacts at a site in south-east France, which was occupied 90,000 years ago by Neanderthals.
The paint was applied with brushes twisted from plant fibres.
According to Bio Vision, engineering and economic challenges have made it unfeasible to convert wood plant fibres (lignocellulose) into industrially useable sugars on a commercially viable basis.
The Sunday Mercury has learned that work is underway to develop 'bio-cars' built from plant fibres.
The four year project, paid for by the Department for the Environment, essentially transforms the cultivated plant fibres into a mat which is then turned into a panel or other component.
Scientists here will ferment sugars from the plant fibres to produce the eco-friendly fuel bioethanol to run cars.
The complex, with pyramids and stone-paved plazas, has previously been dated to around 1600 BC, but new radio-carbon dating of plant fibres has prompted the revised chronology of around 2600BC.
Biomimetic approach to producing biodegradable impact-resistant composites using plant fibres
Natural flooring is made of plant fibres, but the plants are usually grown in Asia and other places thousands of miles away, so it's often not as environmentally friendly as it might seem.