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Professor Jonathan Rhodes, from the university school of clinical sciences in Liverpool, said: "It shows soluble plant fibre is able to stop bacteria from finding its way through the lining of the intestine.
Soluble plant fibre is the kind which comes out of vegetables when they are
The direct association of plant fibres and pigments in ANDRA 3 and 10 made them ideal for reliably dating the paintings, whereas the high carbon contents of the two calcite paints were likely to give radiocarbon measurements; uncertainties over the source of the carbon made them less reliable, but nevertheless important as part of the preliminary dating program.
They have a wide range of woven plant fibre floor-coverings and rugs, each made from a wide cross section of natural materials.
7-millimetre-long plant fibres twisted together to form a string, near some stone artefacts at a site in south-east France, which was occupied 90,000 years ago by Neanderthals.
Member of Parliament James Rajotte (Edmonton-Leduc), on behalf of Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, today announced an investment for the Hart Fibre Trade Company to help develop the first Canadian scutched hemp processing system-a novel method used to straighten plant fibres in order to make high-quality textiles.
Jute is one of the strongest natural plant fibres which is durable and re-usable.
The paint was applied with brushes twisted from plant fibres.
According to Bio Vision, engineering and economic challenges have made it unfeasible to convert wood plant fibres (lignocellulose) into industrially useable sugars on a commercially viable basis.
The Sunday Mercury has learned that work is underway to develop 'bio-cars' built from plant fibres.
The four year project, paid for by the Department for the Environment, essentially transforms the cultivated plant fibres into a mat which is then turned into a panel or other component.
Scientists here will ferment sugars from the plant fibres to produce the eco-friendly fuel bioethanol to run cars.
Ethical and ecological considerations represented a major theme at the European yarn fairs for autumn/winter 2009/10, and there was a strong emphasis on the naturalness of animal and plant fibres.
Natural flooring is made of plant fibres, but the plants are usually grown in Asia and other places thousands of miles away, so it's often not as environmentally friendly as it might seem.