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They described the currently used technologies that include spectroscopic and imaging-based and volatile profiling-based plant disease detection methods for the purpose of developing ground-based sensor system to assist in monitoring health and diseases in plants under field conditions.
Both plant diseases could co-exist on lantana and were expected to complement each other by having slightly different climatic requirements, Probst said in the statement.
Following a personal account of the career development of a "cell biological" plant pathologist, authors discuss topics including national and international plant disease diagnostic networks, and the evolution, ecology, biology, and management of specific pathogens (microbes, fungi, and parasitic nematodes).
A rare plant disease is tightening its grip at one of the region's most treasured beauty spots.
With claims that climate change will make the world wetter and increase the risk of plant disease, EU proposalsto ban major pesticides seem ill-timed if growers lose key chemicals from their crop protection arsenals.
Time is not on their side as the ageing collection faces a threat from a cruel plant disease that has the potential to wipe out some of the rarest species in the garden.
It would seem that despite the numerous warning signs around the park alerting visitors to the plant disease Phytophthora ramorum, which is attacking plants with devastating consequences, some dog owners are ignoring the requirement to keep their dogs on a lead.
Plant disease occurs when three factors are present: a pathogen, a susceptible host, and a favorable environment.
7 (VOI) Co A plant disease has popped up in Diwaniya's orchards, threatening thousands of palm trees in the province, according to agricultural officials and grove owners who attributed the spread of the disease to the lack of insecticides and the absence of adequate government support.
GARDENERS are being warned to remain vigilant following the discovery of a rare and potentially devastating plant disease in a rhododendron on the Donegal/Derry border.
A similar rumour earlier in the year fingered the plant disease "banana wilt" as a human carcinogen.
The soybean rust team, based out of the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, won a team award for "Enhancing Protection and Safety of the Nation's Agriculture and Food Supply"--specifically for advance planning, rapid response and recovery of a disaster that was averted by using science-based and technological strategies or addressing and mitigating risks for a potentially devastating plant disease, the Asian Soybean Rust.
One of the most innovative of those new academic applications is being used at the University of Hawaii, where molecular geneticist Monto Kumagai is using an RFID reader on his Treo 650 smartphone from palmOne with software from TradeWind Technologies to track plant specimens for a research project in plant disease and conservation.
What makes this book especially valuable is the description of methods effective in the plant disease management.
Now it appears that another serious plant disease is appearing on rhododendrons and camellias, again on plants imported from the same country.