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Synonyms for plan

Synonyms for plan

a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something

a method used in dealing with something

to have in mind as a goal or purpose

to set the time for (an event or occasion)


to work out and arrange the parts or details of

Synonyms for plan

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On the other hand, commissioners look favorably upon repetitive plans of action when they feel that the agency valiantly attempted to implement change even if the previous attempts were unsuccessful.
Counselors have an ethical and legal obligation to educate themselves about self-mutilation and implement appropriate plans of action.
Most VAMCs and outpatient clinics offer free dietary education and services, including information, testing, and plans of action for health-conscious disabled veterans.
Both physicians and pharmacists report their plans of action and educational needs.
ISLAMABAD, February 17, 2012 (Frontier Star): A three-day training course on "Developing Local Adaptations Plans of Action for Climate Change Resilience" was concluded at lead house on Thursday where climate change experts and participants tested a training module and a toolkit of local adaptation plan of action for its efficiency and effectiveness.
Throughout the years, the commission has been concerned about agencies that appear before them with plans of action to achieve compliance identical to those submitted following their previous audit.
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