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a measuring instrument for measuring the area of an irregular plane figure

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The area of weld metal and HAZ width of each condition (0R-1R-2R-3R-4R) was determined using a Placom KP90N N-Series Roller-Type Digital Planimeter.
Clinical significance of correlation between size of the uterine cavity and IUCD: a planimeter hysterogram technique.
In the domain of bioscience, the method of volume estimation by means of measuring areas in parallel plane sections (using a planimeter and magnified images of sections made at definite intervals) was developed and used by William R.
A qualitative identification was performed on the basic homologous series of fatty acids of rapeseed oil, a quantitative one was performed with a planimeter.
The comb area of each bird was determined at the end of each week using a planimeter (Takeda, Osaka, Japan).
Following planimeters were used: of Fallon type, Posemer type, and later the thread planimeter of Alder type.
Next, a compensating planimeter, an instrument that measures the area of irregularly shaped objects, was used to determine the area.
The heat of fusion was determined by measuring the area of the fusion endotherm with a planimeter and by using indium (specific heat of fusion = 6.
We calculated the mean area of the trichome wing in each species considering 40 samples with a Digital Planimeter KP-80 Placam Koizumi.
A measuring wheel and planimeter are measuring devices with a rolling wheel calibrated to the landscape's scale.
Analysis was limited to measuring areas with a planimeter and adding them up.
n] can be determined by using a digitizer or a planimeter.
As the sample froze, the signal from the calorimeter was recorded on a strip chart recorder and areas under curves were measured using a hand-held planimeter.