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Synonyms for plangent

Synonyms for plangent

having or producing a full, deep, or rich sound

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loud and resounding

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Taken singly, some of David Hockney's best-known paintings are physically unrewarding, but their imagery remains as plangent as a golden oldie.
Passages with the soloist (Jean Rigby, understanding and radiantly plangent as always) were rousingly uplifting, while the sensitively nuanced 'dreaming and singing' section demonstrated just how good the BFCS has become under Jeremy Patterson's leadership.
And Beck retains his distinctive sound, a plangent horn-like tone that often takes on conversational phrasing.
Bringing oddball myth down to it's-all-true midwestern earth, this is one of the tenderest, most plangent spiritual odysseys ever filmed--a bucolic Wisconsin death trip undertaken to make peace with the life Straight can feel away, breath by halting breath.
The Coventry team might not yet have risen to their new coach's expectations but said coach, John White, has wasted little time in couching his response at a typically plangent level of invective.
One of the most distinctive guitarists to come out of the Woodstock era, Santana has always had an exceptional bell-like tone, matched with plangent phrasing and speedy runs.
In its intellectual rigor and plangent availability, it's as close as we're likely to get to the refinement and generosity of a seventeenth-century sculptural occasion.
Backed by a gritty little ensemble, his plangent voice was a magnificent vehicle for an hour of clever and thoughtful songs -a man to watch out for.
McQueen is another serious sort, working in film to record Minimalist actions to often plangent effect.
Plangent bass guitar music further adds to the noir tone.
Of course Litton engineered it all marvellously, the characteristic horn calls and other brass solos richly plangent, and the tremendous Dallas strings never afraid to push tone and technique to the limits of safety and aural comfort.
Highlighting the funky tone is Hotei's music score, which mixes cool jazz, rock and plangent bass guitar in a memorable soundtrack.
In that moment, what I had taken for coolly observed cultural criticism was suddenly revealed as the most plangent form of self-lacerating confession, and I hated it.
Somewhere distant, a plangent church bell marked time.
But we had begun with the premiere of Alec Roth's Verlass Uns Nicht, setting the atmosphere perfectly, leading us directly into the Bach to follow, and its plangent dissonances reaching timelessly down the centuries.