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a building housing an instrument for projecting the positions of the planets onto a domed ceiling

an optical device for projecting images of celestial bodies and other astronomical phenomena onto the inner surface of a hemispherical dome

an apparatus or model for representing the solar systems

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When the Adler Planetarium first opened its doors on May 12, 1930, the public was ready to start exploring the universe.
The seven metre planetarium, weighing 45 kilograms, can accommodate 70 adults and 85 children.
The science centers Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium and Giant Dome Theater visualize the night sky at an astonishing 88 million-pixel resolution, barraging viewers with ultra-high-resolution views of the stars and planets, and it presents live shows that feature speakers capable of blasting 30,000 watts worth of sound.
The University Planetarium seeks to update and automate the planetarium star-projector, lighting and audio-visual system.
As announced on the the museum's official Facebook page last Monday, anyone is free to take a gander on the new full dome planetarium projector, as well as experience its other attractions-completely free of charge.
The planetarium shows are the first-of-its-kind edutainment event and explore themes such as the cause of rain, things that happen in the planet, cause of the extinction of dinosaurs and how volcanoes are formed.
PDO built Oman's first ever planetarium, an annexe to the Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre, as a gift to the nation to mark the 30th anniversary of the reign of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.
The planetarium, observatory and teaching pods would bring many interactive activities to the site at the old Maerdy quarry in Rhondda.
Critique: "The Man Who Painted the Universe: The Story of a Planetarium in the Heart of the North Woods" is an inherently fascinating, informative, and even inspiring read that will have very special appeal to anyone with an interest in astronomy.
In the mid 1990's Prof Matie Hoffman, current president of ASSA, planted the seed of a digital planetarium in Bloemfontein.
Although there are many other countries whose science centres and related facilities are part of the tourism network, the location of this planetarium in a game reserve adds to its uniqueness.
This is the 16th year that the planetarium has come to the high school.
Sharjah Planetarium has announced that the Ramadan crescent will be seen on July 9 in the evening, with the first day of Ramadan therefore being July 10, national news agency WAM reported.
WYNYARD Planetarium is taking part in the national BBC Stargazing Live event in the new year allowing people of all ages to learn all about the night sky.
In space no one can hear you laugh but a new planetarium show should have them rolling in the aisles Moonstruck, the new planetarium show at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle, is notable for several reasons.