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a power tool for smoothing or shaping wood

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Caption: For the in-line planer set up, the lengths and pound-test of lines and leaders will vary depending on size of planer used.
Weinig's Highspeed Series of planers feature feed speeds up to 800 m/min and feature a robust construction.
Planer boards had to be so far from the boat we needed larger models to see them clearly.
The MC 33 Coated Planer Knives are designed to provide extended service life and optimized productivity; Leitz says the MC 33 coating protects the cutting edge from erosion and corrosion while providing a slick surface that resists buildup of resin.
Also in Germany, the manufacturing unit in Wardenburg will be further expanded and investments in new production facilities and competence centre for planers will be made in Karlskrona, Sweden.
Dynapac Holding GmbH (Dynapac), a subsidiary of Atlas Copco Group, has approved a plan to consolidate the production of planers and small pavers.
The systems consist of a complete wedge-shaped undercarriage for asphalt road planers.
The pattern shop houses wood lathes, a pattern mill, table and band saws, planers, joiners, sanders and a controlled environment room for paint and plastics.
Toolholders: Planers use high-speed steel or carbide tipped cutting tools similar to those used on shapers.
In the last decade Powermatic has focused on woodworking machines with its line of table saws, drill presses, and wood planers.
As the applications are diverse, so too are the products and equipment: shot-blasting equipment, acids and chemicals, surface planers (scarifiers), and surface grinders.
Dynapac Holding GmbH, part of Atlas Copco Group, has approved a plan to consolidate the production of planers and small pavers in order to increase efficiency and customer service.
Artificial lures will work and when you need to cover ground, trolling planers with duster rigs or diving lures is ideal.
Lot 2: planers rental and / or sweepers with drivers.
The introduction of rough lumber abrasive planers led to better tolerances, less knot damage, grain tearout and thus the purchasing of thinner boards," Kapaun added.