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(geometry) the area created by a plane cutting through a solid

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The method for finding of the plane section is the same if the points, which define the plane [alpha], are situated on arbitrary faces or edges of the parallelepiped.
We propose an approach that uses the common features of plane sections of prisms and pyramids.
The Dynamic Geometry Software Sam suggests a type of universal solution to the problem of plane sections of polyhedrons for one kind of connected figures (see Definition 2).
2] belong to a main plane section of K and [p, [bar.
1) hypothesis of plane sections (Bernoulli) for the whole cross-section; then [k.
11) evaluation of member layers strain declination from these values corresponding the plane sections is possible.
When the plane sections were slid out, it became a hut to accommodate 30 men.
Real-time takes of the entire event from the hijacking to final descent were shot with multiple, handheld cameras while the plane sections rocked and tilted on the gimbels.
3] with its infinite plane sections as circles, the statement of this theorem is easily verified.
3], and circles are the plane sections of S having more than one point.