plane geometry

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the geometry of 2-dimensional figures

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Geometric constructions using only a straightedge is a topic in plane geometry that is not directly expressed in the program of studies (which is unfortunate, given that it encourages thought, creativity and originality in the methods of solution, and presents opportunities for integrating solutions while developing unique strategies).
And here we have a plane geometry book, as opposed to a fancy geometry book," Pollard quipped.
In the elementary grades, plane geometry often receives more emphasis than does three-dimensional geometry.
Euclid was the author of history's longest-lived textbook, the Elements, which forms to this day the basis of instruction in plane geometry, the chief mathematical achievement of ancient Greek civilization.
Meadows' sculptures are the product of intensive research into the ways in which principles of plane geometry are used in engineering and architecture, followed by, in his words, "really loose decision making.
A hummingbird partakes of the sugar water; systolic pressure pushes blood upward, into the observation chamber; plane geometry produces the right answers, but withers in the broken light, its context injured.
Readers are expected to have a basic understanding of static equilibrium and plane geometry as well as the beginnings of the sense of proportion that informs structural design choices.
Reference plane geometry and continuity, trace width variations, and the plated through-hole (PTH) and via structures may contribute to reflections.
In this article, we will briefly discuss the plane geometry curriculum for middle school students (grades 7 through 9) in Korea.
Math Matters covers number sense, computation, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, percents, algebra, plane geometry, spatial sense, measurement, statistics, and probability.
Like the standard EX-Q, the EX-43QS and EX-73QS sensors utilize reflective laser technology, and optimize the sensors' optical plane geometry to virtually eliminate any potential for stray reflections from FOUPs, cassettes, or other wafers.