plane geometry

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the geometry of 2-dimensional figures

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BALTIMORE - Evolution is a myth, claims author Ken Buraczynski in his colorful primer, "A Thesis on How Plane Geometry Disproves Evilution" (ISBN 0615387756).
Convinced that I could never master mathematics after a couple of tormenting years of algebra and plane geometry, and mortally afraid of being shrilly booed on a volley ball court, I early on took a stand that was stereotypical in my day--that is, that art was in some way superior to science and that the discobolus would be out of place in Minerva's temple.
And here we have a plane geometry book, as opposed to a fancy geometry book," Pollard quipped.
Items of choice related to the study of plane geometry.
Meadows' sculptures are the product of intensive research into the ways in which principles of plane geometry are used in engineering and architecture, followed by, in his words, "really loose decision making.
A hummingbird partakes of the sugar water; systolic pressure pushes blood upward, into the observation chamber; plane geometry produces the right answers, but withers in the broken light, its context injured.