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a triangular board supported on casters

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Face a mon visage qui leur est inconnu, ces bebes manifestent leur mefiance en froncant les sourcils, puis la passation debute avec ses petites epreuves extraordinaires: prendre des cubes dans chaque main, retrouver un cube sous un morceau de tissu, sortir le rond de la planchette, tout ceci etant totalement nouveau pour le nourrisson.
Ps were instructed to repeatedly move a pointer or planchette randomly around the board until they felt the impulse to stop on a particular letter, at which time they recorded the letter on a notepad.
A deluxe version includes the board, planchette, candles, incense, spirit communication ointment, Dark Shield Oil, graveyard dirt and witches salt, even though witches never used them.
The planchette may seem to drag our hands along as it selects letters that spell out words, but it happens that muscular action does not always arise out of deliberate will or volition, or in fact, even upon our awareness.
Attn: Mme Marie-Franoise PLANCHETTE, Instructeur marchs
A pretty cast summon evil spirits after playing with a planchette.
Calm down, it's only a game," whispers young Debbie (Claire Beale) as she introduces her terrified friend, Laine (Afra Tully), to the mysteries of Ouija, using a heart-shaped planchette and an ornate board etched with letters and numbers to communicate with the spirit realm.
Tattooist Alexandria Fische, also of New Hampshire, was in the process of tattooing a Ouija board planchette on someone's leg when we spoke to her.
Se habla asi de "CM reflexivo" o "pensado" (Butlen & Pezard, 1992; Beishuizen, 1993; Parra, 1993; Pochon, 1997; Ortega & Ortiz, 2002; Brissiaud, 2003; Butlen, 2007; Williamson, 2008; Galvez, 2009), sin menospreciar su componente "automatizado" (Lethielleux, 2005; Anselmo, Evesque-Sagnard, Fenoy, Planchette & Zuchetta, 2008).
sky to see The pattern of God's pleasure-- Palette and planchette,
COLLECTION From left, a planchette, an Ever-Ready electric medical coil for self electrocution, and Anthony with a ouija board
and I had a Ouija Board conversation with Joyce, and we wrote the dialog down as it unfolded under the planchette skimming across the letters, spelling a strange story indeed.
His shows often included rope dancers (most probably string puppets in the style of the marionettes a la planchette, French dancing figures and a style that was found all over Europe in the 1800s) and battle scenes in which ships were burned and sunk (most probably done with shadow figures and lighting effects).
For example, as a white middle-class woman, Stowe typified her social stratum's interest in mediumship, mesmerism, and spiritualism by her participation in seances and her experimentation with a planchette, which Wardley describes as "a ouija-board-like instrument designed for extraworldy [sic] communication" (208).