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Synonyms for planchet

a flat metal disk ready for stamping as a coin


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And Planchet marked this confession with a rather pretentious laugh for a man making profession of humility.
Athos did not smile at this little pleasantry which Planchet had aimed at him, in order to try his strength in mundane facetiousness.
And Athos, seeing Planchet a little embarrassed, wished to relieve him by going first.
Raoul had, no doubt, seen that what Planchet said was true, for he turned round to go downstairs again.
pardon me, Planchet, I did not know that you had upstairs - "
Planchet had with his equals the short speech and the haughty familiarity of the rich shopkeeper who serves everybody and waits for nobody.
The shrewd Planchet had acquired a slight protuberance in front, but his countenance was not puffed.
Formerly, monsieur," said Planchet, with a smile full of bonhomie, "it was I who drank your wine; now you do me the honor to drink mine.
And, thank God, friend Planchet, I shall drink it for a long time to come, I hope; for at present I am free.
cried Planchet, who could not suppose it possible that the king could do without the services of such a man as D'Artagnan.
And he seated himself at the table and ate as he did in the merry days of the Rue des Fossoyeurs, whilst D'Artagnan walked to and fro and thought how he could make use of Planchet under present circumstances.
But, sir," said Planchet, with a look of shrewdness, "I know where Bazin is.
Sir," said Planchet, in a mournful tone, "do you abandon me thus to my fate?
When the landlady made her appearance she expressed much astonishment at seeing Planchet.
Planchet was equally seized with admiration, and said no more about going away.