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having been flattened


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Variations in the distance between the distal end of the radial planate supplement and the distal margin of the wings bounded by the end points of the intercalary vein and the radial branch in the fore-wings and length of the anal vein and shape in the region bounded between the anal supplement (Aspl), basal end of the anal vein (A3) and sec d branch of cubital vein (Cu2) in the hindwings were also observed.
These are autogenic fluvial forms and are not inherited from a former higher planate surface (MAHARD, 1942; TWIDALE, 1955, 1964).
When the skulls of Egyptian civilians in Maspero are rendered planate under the wheels of tanks without punishment, one can only conclude that the abeyance of justice in Egypt has become even more profanely conspicuous.
head and pronotum much expanded and regularly arcuate and planate, scutellum long and narrowed at apex and labium much reduced not reaching even to mesocoxae, its more or less obovate body and its endemic distribution in eastern oriental region isolate it in its entire subclade.
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Although, water is abundant and renewable natural resource covering two third of the planate, a very small proportion of this effectively available for human use (Shaban and Sharma, 2007).